Partners - TRUSTING

The European leader in brake shoes joined the Metelli Group in 2014, bringing with it the widest range of applications for Japan, Europe & Korea. The Trusting brand is also associated with innovation, as it was the first to manufacturer 100% asbestos-free brake shoes and the first to assemble the accessories only after the coating process.

Depending on specifications, our brake pads are made from compounds of different composite materials. We have recently launched a compound of our own conception called HybriX®, a new technology that sets a new reference standard in the sector. Brake pads manufactured with HybriX® compound offer an unprecedented combination of performance and comfort. Obviously, they are ECE R90 certified, with the added advantage of being copper-free.


The new pads have obtained the highest level of the American Better Brake Law certification, indicated by a logo with three black leaves, which confirms a copper presence of less than 0.5%. Customers will find the new certification information and the three-leaflet symbol on the product and label, respectively. Another important certification obtained (in addition to the ECE R90) for the American market is AMECA.